Chronic Ankle Sprains

Some people suffer from repeated ankle sprains or ankle instability. When the ligaments that hold the ankle have been repeatedly torn they may heal in a loose position. This leads to ankle instability which causes more sprains and sets off a cycle which can be debilitating. In these cases a ligament repair can help restore proper ankle function.

First, 2 tiny incisions  are made on each side of the ankle to allow a small camera and shaver to inspect the joint, remove inflamed and damaged tissue as well as wash out the joint. These incision only require 1 stitch to close.  Next, to repair the torn ligament an incision is made over it and it is stitched in a tightened position to help restore it to its original length.

Patients are non weight bearing for 2 weeks and then transition into a boot  and can begin therapy at 4 weeks. This approach allows for small incisions, direct repair of the ligament and an earlier return to weight bearing compared to older techniques.