Patient Testimonials

Patient: Sandra M.
Procedure: Knee Replacement Surgery
Doctor: Raz Winiarsky, MD (Orthopedic Surgeon)

Patient: Ayanna E.
Procedure: Microdiscectomy
Doctor: Vagmin Vora, MD (Spinal Surgeon)

Patient: Reinaldo
Procedure: Lumbar Fusion
Doctor: Jonathan Lewin

I came to this office because of neck, shoulder and low back issues stemming from a work-related accident. The doctors have all been great to me. Dr. Jonathan Simhaee has continued to be my pain management doctor after my surgery and I appreciate all his help. I would recommend him to anyone that is in pain.
-George B.

Over the years I have been treated by both Dr. Lewin and Dr. Simhaee. Dr. Lewin has done wonders for all my spinal problems. He did surgery and was absolutely fantastic, even making visits to my rehab when I developed a problem after my surgery. He responded without haste. Dr. Simhaee is very caring and concerned on how your pain is affecting your life. He is absolutely wonderful. I have ongoing spinal problems due to genetic dispositions and he has worked wonders in getting me relief so I can lead a useful life.

-Maryann B.

My son, being an athlete, unfortunately, incurred a few injuries that required medical attention. Through all the doctors my son was treated by none can compare to Dr. Michael Horowitz. He is a true professional in the medical field. His professionalism, knowledge, and dedication in the field of medicine and his patients are impeccable. From the time of my son’s diagnosis to surgery and recovery, Dr. Horowitz made certain that everything was performed to perfection and went as easily and smoothly as possible for my son’s full recovery of his wrist fracture. He explained everything to us clearly in a manner we understood and always answers any questions and phone calls immediately. I cannot say more than that Dr. Horowitz is a fine, dedicated, and professional doctor who treats each of his patients as top priority. -Niko P.