Orthopedics in NYC & Bergen County

The doctors, surgeons and specialist at The Center For Musculoskeletal Disorders are trained to treat wide range of orthopedic injuries and disorders. From an ingrown toenail to spinal stenosis, our multi-physician practice is committed to providing high quality orthopedic care while taking a patient-centered approach.

Services at The Center For Musculoskeletal Disorders include:

  • Joint Replacement
  • Knee
  • Regenerative Treatments
  • Shoulder
  • Sports Medicine
  • Workers’ Comp

Our specialist offer non-surgical and surgical treatment for conditions that that cause chronic pain and limit mobility, including: Bursitis, Ligament & Tendon Injuries, Osteoarthritis, Pinched Nerves and Tendonitis.

Examples of orthopedic surgical procedures we perform include:

Our orthopedic surgeons emphasis conservative treatment as a first option. Most injuries and conditions can be successfully treated without surgery. If a a patient is unable to resolve their pain using conservative treatments or in they have a severe injury, surgery may be only realistic option to relieve pain and restore function.

Sports Medicine & Injury Treatment

Some sports and work-related injuries and conditions can be resolved in a matter of weeks using a combination of conservative, non-surgical treatments. Severe injuries require surgery and the healing process can take several months. Some patients want to speed up the recovery process and our orthopedist and providers are happy to discuss ways in which that goal can be reached.

Examples of regenerative treatments, non-surgical treatments and surgical procedures for athletes and active patients include::

Our team of orthopedic physicians and providers work together to help patients return to their desired activity level as quickly as possible.

Common Sports & Work Injuries

We provide specialized care to athletes of all ages and abilities. Most of our active patients have an acute injury a musculoskeletal disorder caused by overuse. Musculoskeletal injuries and conditions we treat that commonly occur in athletes and active patients include:

Our specialist use the most up to date and effective conservative and surgical treatments available. We collaborate with physical therapist, occupational therapist, chiropractors and various providers to deliver high quality and specialize care for our patients.

Orthopedic Care At The CMD

To request a diagnosis or a second opinion, contact The Center For Musculoskeletal Disorders and consult with a skilled orthopedic specialist focused on helping you return to a more pain free and active life.

We have medical clinics conveniently located in Queens, New York and Englewood, New Jersey. Appointments can also be made our sister companies location in Brooklyn.

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