ACL Reconstruction Surgery

If the Anterior Crucial Ligament has been completely torn or severely damaged, surgery may be the best option to regain knee stability and range of motion. Most patients who elect to treat an ACL injury surgically are adults with an active lifestyle, athletes or they have a job that involves manual labor. Surgery may also be required if there is additional damage to the knee. It’s not unusual for a person who has an ACL injury to have also damaged a meniscus, cartilage or another ligament.

Surgical reconstruction of the ACL involves replacing the ligament with a tendon taken a patient’s leg or a cadaver. This procedure is commonly done arthroscopically.

ACL Injury Diagnosis

An orthopedic doctor will perform a physical examination and order imaging test. An MRI is used to evaluate the ACL and to evaluate the other ligaments, cartilage and tendons. An arthroscopy may be done to further examine the area to determine the extent of damage in the knee.

Alternatives To ACL Surgery

ACL injuries are treated on a case by case basis. An orthopedic surgeon will be able to determine if non-surgical treatment is a reasonable opton.

A slightly stretched (sprained) ACL may not require surgery. If a relatively inactive patient isn’t experiencing knee stability issues, a doctor may recommend rest, activity modification, the use of a knee brace, and physical therapy.

A torn Anterior Crucial Ligament will not heal on it’s own because it doesn’t have a blood supply. A patient who would prefers to treat an isolated ACL injury without surgery may also consider regenerative treatments. Amniotic stem cell therapy, PRP therapy, BMAC and Prolotherapy are all regenerative treatments that may help an injured ACL heal. Regenerative treatments have become very popular in recent years as several high profile athletes have utilized them to speed up the injury recovery process.

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