Dallas Cowboys’ Darren McFadden Recovering From Elbow Fracture: Simple Falls Can Result in Serious Injuries

On Memorial Day weekend, Darren McFadden, the running back for the Dallas Cowboys, had an accidental fall, slipping on cement near a swimming pool and breaking a bone in his elbow. McFadden underwent surgery the day after his mishap, and while his rehabilitation is going well, there is still doubt about his readiness to play … Read more

Posterior Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

You may have noticed that during your second trimester of pregnancy, you said “rub my back” to your partner more often than “I love you.” If so, you are not alone.  Somewhere between 50 to 80 percent of women experience some form of discomfort in the low back during pregnancy. Posterior pelvic pain is discomfort … Read more

Why Do We Shrink When We Age, and How to Combat it

Why Do We Shrink? After we’re born, we get taller. However, as we age, we get shorter. That’s the reality of the human condition, and of the nature of our spine. The spine is the pillar, which supports the body and gives us height. Over time, however, several factors can impact the spine, causing us … Read more

Your Hands Are Your Gold

Your hands are your gold—especially if you play basketball, and even more so if you play in the NBA. Whether it is dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding or playing defense, a player’s hands do it all. With that amount of action, injuries like jammed fingers are common, even expected. But a bone break can end an … Read more

Avoiding Hand Pain at The Office

It turns out that office work, once considered easier on the body and safer than physical labor, also has its drawbacks and risks. From hand and wrist pain to full-blown carpal tunnel syndrome, long-term computer use may be to blame. With the widespread computer use, there has been a corresponding increase in hand and upper … Read more

The Patient’s Guide to Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition that causes a narrowing of the spinal canal. Back pain may occur as the spinal cord is impinged upon by the surrounding bone. A variety of effective treatments ranging from physical therapy to spinal surgery are available to lessen back pain and restore quality of life. Causes of Spinal Stenosis … Read more

Dr. Lewin Presents at “Call to Action” Lecture Series

CSD’s Dr. Jonathan Lewin was invited as a guest lecturer to the Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island last week on Friday, July 10th as part of the, “Call to Action,” lecture series. Dr. Lewin was in town for the Thomas Jefferson Fellows’ Conference, discussing the latest techniques to treat chronic scoliosis in adolescents and was truly … Read more

Jonathan D. Lewin, MD Performs Area’s First SI Joint Fixation with the iFuse Implant System™

Minimally invasive surgical treatment for the SI Joint now available at Forest Hills Hospital Forest Hills, NY, December,28, 2012 / PRNewswire / — Forest Hills (Forest Hills, NY) announced today that local spine surgeon, Jonathan D. Lewin, MD performed the area’s first Sacroiliac (SI) Joint fixation surgery using the minimally invasive iFuse Implant System™. The … Read more

Understanding Back Pain

Back pain is one of the leading causes for people to seek medical treatment and is also one of the top reasons people cite for missing work. What exactly causes this debilitating and overwhelmingly common pain?

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