Dealing With Back Pain and Pregnancy – Causes & Tips for Relief

Back pain during pregnancy is so common that up to a full 75% of women will suffer from it by the 36th week of pregnancy. Often, back pain will resolve itself following delivery, but it is still difficult to live with during the many months of pregnancy. That’s why it is important to recognize the causes and prevention steps of pregnancy-related back pain.

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Dr. Michael Horowitz Becomes A Fellow Of The American College Of Surgeons

Michael Horowtiz, MD, Board Certified Hand Surgeon, will become a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS) as of October, 2014. Members of the ACS are referred to as “Fellows.” The letters FACS (Fellow, American College of Surgeons) after a surgeon’s name mean that the surgeon’s education and training, professional qualifications, surgical competence, and … Read more

Spinal Arthritis—What is It and How to Overcome the Symptoms

Though we think of arthritis as affecting hands and knees, the truth is that it can affect any joints in the body, including the spine with a common condition called spinal arthritis. Although not every form of spinal arthritis is symptomatic, if you were to take an x-ray to look for spinal arthritis, an astounding … Read more

A Herniated Disc: You Don’t Necessarily Need Surgery

In many cases, patients with back pain, leg pain, or weakness of the lower extremities are diagnosed with a herniated disc (also called a slipped, bulged or ruptured disc). If you have a slipped disc, it means one of the discs that sit between each of the bones in your spine has been damaged. Rubber-like … Read more

So Do Epidural Steroid Injections Just Mask Pain?

The ultimate answer to this question is no; epidural steroid injections don’t simply mask pain. However, an explanation of the benefits as well as limitations of these injections will assist you in better understanding them. Epidural steroid injections have been a standard treatment for short-term pain relief for decades, providing care for radiculopathy pain (pinched … Read more

I Had Surgery to Alleviate Back Pain, But My Back Still Hurts

This dilemma involves a more complete understanding of the facts and common causes of post-surgical back pain. Actually, and it is no consolation, but 10 to 30 percent of patients who undergo spine surgery each year still have some degree of persistent back or leg pain afterwards. This persistent pain is often referred to as … Read more

When the Pain Goes Beyond a Strained Muscle—Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS)

Almost everyone has experienced the pain of a strained muscle due to the muscle tension of activity. The discomfort usually lasts a short time and then subsides. However, if that pain persists, or you experience increased muscular pain or pain that becomes chronic, the problem may be myofascial pain syndrome (MPS).

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Tips for Pain-Free Summer Travel

Travel is a potential risk for back pain, yet pain-free travel is vital to a safe and enjoyable journey. Here are some simple tips and enlightening information for taking care of your back, whether you travel by air or road. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, back and neck pain is commonly caused … Read more

Can Exercise Hurt Me? Pain & Injury from Sports or Exercise

Many people have taken up the call to get moving and get fit. Performing sports or exercise on a routine basis is probably as important as the type of food we consume daily. However, similar to how a bad diet can result in significant health problems down the road, practicing bad exercise techniques or developing … Read more