Dr. Jonathan Lewin Designated as a Top Expert in the Pegasus™ Anchored Cervical Interbody System

Dr. Jonathan Lewin has the honor of being the top surgeon in New Jersey for his use of the Pegasus™ Anchored Cervical Interbody System. The Pegasus™ Anchored Cervical Interbody System provides surgeons a simplified approach to anterior cervical fusion. With an integrated anchor and spacer system, the implant is designed to provide superior solutions to traditional ACDF (Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion) without plates or screws for a plateless cervical fusion.

With his success, Dr. Lewin has also notched other distinctions involving the device: he is the top revenue producer of the Pegasus™ Anchored Cervical Interbody System in the entire Northeast and among the top three users in that region. In addition, Dr. Lewin does more surgical levels (i.e. cervical, thoracic, lumbar) employing the device than any other surgeon in the Northeast.

Becker’s Healthcare, the leading source of cutting-edge business and legal information for healthcare industry leaders, recognized the Pegasus Anchored Cervical Interbody system as one of its 2014 Spine Device Award winners.

Devices are recognized for their contribution to advancing spine technology and patient care. Devices included in this award represent both the cutting-edge and gold standard in spine care. Below is the summary of the Becker’s description and evaluation of the device.

Pegasus Anchored Cervical Interbody (Alphatec Spine). Alphatec Spine showcased its new anchored, cervical interbody device — Pegasus — at the 2013 North American Spine Society Annual Meeting. Pegasus delivers the spacer with an integrated anchoring mechanism in a single-step, non-impaction implantation is designed to reduce operative time. The device’s design also allows for simple intraoperative and postoperative removal if necessary. The device received FDA clearance in January 2013, along with the company’s minimally invasive system ILLICO FS Facet Fixation System.

Spinal surgeon Dr. Jonathan Lewin of the Centers for Spinal Disorders in Englewood, New Jersey, is a subspecialty expert in the treatment of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal disorders. He combines traditional and modern techniques to individualize spinal care for each patient, culminating in the most effective solution.