Taking to the Skies: Dr. Jonthan Lewin of the Center for Spinal Disorders and Englewood Hospital Help Caren Landis Soar Again

In September of 2014, Caren Landis of Valley Cottage, New York injured her back following a biking accident. Unable to enjoy her active outdoor lifestyle, she was distressed knowing that she would be restricted in participating as a crewmember of FiFi, the last flying B-29 bomber from WWII.

“After the accident, I had to go on tour with the crew but I was unable to perform my duties to my standards or any standards,” states Caren. “I did my best and knew that that if I was unable to repair the damage, my flying life was over.”

Distraught at the idea of never being able to fly again, Caren began her search for the best orthopedic surgeon to fit her needs. After seeking the advice of friends, she consulted with a highly recommended orthopedic physician. The physician, without even referencing her test results or performing any of his own assessments, recommended immediate surgery on her L2-L3 vertebrae. She was very put-off by the experience: “He scared the life out of me by making it sound desperate!”

Dissatisfied with the consultation, Caren sought a second opinion. While accompanying her mother to a rheumatologist, she discussed her experience with her mother’s doctor. The rheumatologist, Dr. Akexandru Kimel, immediately recommended Dr. Jonthan Lewin of the Center for Muculoskeletal Disorders

“He told me if he or any other family member ever needed back surgery he would only go to Dr. Lewin,” Caren says. “I have a deep respect for Dr. Kimel and upon his recommendation I decided to make an appointment for Dr. Lewin.”

Although Dr. Lewin worked outside of the network of her insurance provider, the office staff assured her that they would work with her plan, and set an appointment for her quickly. During her consultation, Caren was impressed with Dr. Lewin; not only did he not rush to opt for surgery, but he also concluded after several tests that the first physician had been wrong about the placement of the injury entirely. With the location and problem determined, she and Dr. Lewin decided to move forward with lumbar decompression and discectomy fusion of her L4-L5 vertebrae to relieve the pain in her lower back.

Dr. Lewin also recommended that the surgery be performed at Englewood Hospital Spine Center. “His reasons were sound: he told me the care I would receive would be top-notch.”

Wanting to see for herself what they had to offer, Caren drove to the center for a tour. “It was beautiful,” Caren says. “We walked around the lobby and cafeteria area and saw all the awards that had been awarded to the various units within Englewood Hospital. My mind was made up!”

Following her successful surgery and pleased with her decision to go with Englewood Hospital Spine Center, Caren is beyond thrilled with her experience, stating that the treatment and care she received during her stay was phenomenal. She credits the nurses and nurses’ assistants that tended to her during her stay: “There is no way I can thank them for taking such wonderful care of me!”