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At The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders, we are dedicated to providing a full range of diagnostic and treatment services for back pain and spinal disorders.

Back Pain Management

At The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders, we strive to provide relief to anyone suffering from any type of chronic back pain.

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At The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorderswe treat all major hand conditions, whether caused by a work related accident, vehicle or sports injury.

The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders: Back Pain Tenafly NJ

Back pain Tenafly NJ is often a common symptom of many disease conditions. The pain may range from simple or dull pain to sudden and sharp pain. If the pain continues for a few days it is acute pain, whereas if it continues for more than 3 months, it is considered as chronic pain. In most cases, back pain may resolve without any treatment; however if it persists for more than 3 days, medical intervention is recommended.

If you are experiencing Back pain Tenafly NJ may be a common symptom in various conditions, including but not limited to:

  • back pain Tenafly NJAppendicitis
  • Aneurysms
  • Kidney diseases
  • Kidney and bladder infections
  • Ovarian disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Nerve root syndromes such as sciatica
  • Herniated discs
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Spondylitis
  • Tumors
  • Spine injuries
  • Fractures

Back Pain Conditions

Chronic back pain can be the result of many causes. Specialized experience and expertise enable our expert pain management team to treat a wide variety of conditions.

Back Pain Treatments

Back Pain can be very complex. Therefore, treatment options vary depending upon the individual. At CMD, a full spectrum of treatments is available for pain management and a treatment plan can be customized for each patient.

Patient Education & FAQ

Understandably, patients have many concerns and questions regarding treatment for their back pain. At CMD, we encounter a number of frequently asked questions which we have answered for you.

Causes of Back Strain

One of the common causes for back pain in Tenafly NJ is low back strain. Low back strain or lumbar strain occurs when the muscle or the tendon in the lower back gets stretched or torn. It is caused by lifting heavy objects or overload, sitting or standing for a long time, or a direct blow over the area. Sports such as basketball, baseball, or golf that involve sudden twisting of the lower back can also lead to strain.

Risk Factors for Back Strain

back pain Tenafly NJRisk factors which can increase the risk of a back strain injury include:

  • Low back curvature
  • Weak abdominal muscles
  • A forwardly tilted pelvis

Common symptoms of a back strain include but are not limited to:

  • Low back pain that radiates down to the buttocks
  • Inflammation of the soft tissues that surround the muscles
  • Stiffness in the low back
  • Restricted movements
  • Inability to maintain correct posture
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain which continues for a prolonged period

Your doctor will perform a physical examination and take a brief medical history to diagnose your condition. Other additional tests such as X-rays and MRI scan may be required to confirm the injury and ensure necessary treatment.


  • Rest, Ice compression and Elevation (RICE) : You should take complete rest for one or two days, as more damage could result from putting pressure on the back. Prolonged bed rest should be avoided as it leads to loss of muscle strength and makes the muscles stiff which will aggravate pain and discomfort. Hence, bed rest should not be continued for more than 48 hours. Ice packs can be applied to the injury which will help to diminish swelling and pain. Ice should be applied over a towel to the affected area for 15-20 minutes four times a day for several days. Never place ice directly over the skin.
  • Braces or a belt might be used to support the back during the healing process.
  • Medications that may be prescribed include non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain and inflammation. Other medicines, such as muscle relaxants control muscle spasms. These medicines often cause sedation; therefore, consult your doctor to discuss the potential side effects of muscle relaxants you are prescribed.
  • Your doctor may also suggest a rehabilitation program. This consists of stretching and strengthening exercises, pelvic traction, gentle massages and ice or heat therapy to improve your condition. These treatments help to control the pain, strengthen the abdominal muscles, and also speed up the recovery which allows you to return to weight-bearing activities.


  • Back Pain Tenafly NJDo warm-up exercises before the start of any physical activity or sports and take short breaks in between the activity.
  • Ensure that you use correct lifting techniques such as squatting to lift a heavy object.
  • Ensure that you maintain a proper posture while sitting and standing.
  • If you are overweight or obese, it can strain the back muscles. Hence, it is advised that you lose some weight and maintain a healthy diet.
  • Try to exercise everyday as it improves spine stability and also prevents extra stress on your back.

Pain Management at The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders

There are 50 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain, which is defined as any pain lasting more than 3 months. This type of pain is associated with certain diseases, conditions and injuries. At the Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders, we strive to provide relief to anyone suffering from chronic back pain Tenafly NJ. Our Center focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of pain using a variety of techniques that, when combined with a comprehensive, personalized approach, provides relief for our patients.

Pain management is the branch of medicine that utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to ease the suffering and improve the quality of life for those living with pain. From headaches to nerve pain and osteoarthritis, all are treated with thoughtful and compassionate care. Dr. Steven Horowitz, double board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, as well as Interventional Pain Management, brings experience, expertise and compassion to his practice.

Dr. Horowitz diagnoses conditions, provides treatments and counsels both patients and their families. He employs a wide array of services in the categories of physical therapy, bracing, injections and medications. Your treatment plan is tailored to meet your specific needs, circumstances, and preferences. We will help you with any back pain Tenafly NJ issue you might be experiencing.

At our practice, we strive to provide convenience of care, from our online appointment and medical intake forms, to the personalized approach you will experience from your very first visit.

At the Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders, we focus not just on the pain, but on the whole person. Call us today for any back pain Tenafly NJ issue you might be experiencing.


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